Tamarack Lodge FriendsGiving Celebration Nov 21

This Wednesday, November 21st is our FriendsGiving celebration with a live performance by Pirates for Peace! Chef Mason Donnell has crafted a special FriendsGiving Tavern menu.... 4 words..."FRIED-TURKEY-STUFFING-STICKS!"

Everyday we are GRATEFUL! Wishing our friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving.
Tamarack Lodge and The Rack Team

by Chef Mason Donnell

$12.95  Baked Stuffed Sweet Potato - w/ bbq pulled pork, caramelized onion, broccoli, and smoked gouda

$11.95  Buffalo Chicken Dip - w/ house made tortilla chips

$12.95  Bacon Cheeseburger Empanadas - grilled ground beef, diced bacon, and sharp cheddar cheese in a pastry pocket

$13.95  Eggplant Parm Grilled Cheese - Crisp breaded eggplant slices on  garlic brioche with marinara and melted mozz

$12.95  Fried Turkey Wrapped Stuffing Sticks - w/ gravy for dipping

$4.00  Fries       $4.00  Chili       $4.00  New England clam chowder