8 Steps to Build Your Business' Profile

8 Steps to Build Your Business' Profile

Did you know that every Chamber member has the option to enhance your business' company profile on ChamberECT.com? Enhanced listings on our online business directory are a key benefit offered to members at zero cost whatsoever. Your business' listing can function as your "auxiliary" website, showing potential clients information about your company, your hours, location, website, phone number, social media channels, and more. By being listed on our website, your company already has demonstrated a commitment to being part of eastern Connecticut's business community. With an enhanced profile, your listing is more engaging, leading to a better client experience as well as an increased web presence for your company. Enhancing your profile is simple:

Step 1:

Log into the Member Access Portal at ChamberECT.com. Login using the blue button on the top right corner of ChamberECT.com. You or a primary representative from your company should have a username and password to access the members-only center area of our website. If you don't, send us an email or call (860) 701-9113 to create one.

Step 2:

Fill out your company's information. Click the blue "Company Information" box on the left side of the menu in the Member Access Portal. Once there, fill out relevant information about your company. Not every field will be applicable to your business, but the more information you can provide, the easier it will be for clients to select you to do business with.

Step 3:

Upload your company's logo. Your company's logo is your simplest marketing tool. Let clients know they're looking at the right company by including your company's logo. The logo will be displayed within your profile as well as next to your company's name in the business directory search results.

Step 4:

Enter keywords. Be sure to enter a number of keywords in the appropriate field that will let potential clients find your business. For example, if your company buys and sells automobiles, keywords could include "car," "cars," "auto," "autos," "automobile," "automobiles," "used," "pre-owned," "preowned," "dealer," "dealership," "dealers," etc. The key for keywords is to use a variety of words and tenses to encompass the many ways clients could be searching for your company.

Step 5:

Enter website highlights. Up to five areas of your business' primary website (if you have one) can be entered as highlights in your profile listing. If you operate an eastern CT restaurant, for example, you could put in direct links to pages on your restaurant's website about your:
  • Lunch Menu
  • Dinner Menu
  • Daily Specials
  • Hours
  • Directions

Step 6:

Share your company's news. In addition to hosting your company's listing, our website also has pages that promote your news, flyers, upcoming events, job opportunities, and discounts. Any of these can be shared by clicking the blue "News Releases" button in your profile. Anything you share will be featured on our website, in our eNews weekly email newsletter, and in additional marketing channels, time and space permitting. Your news releases will also be linked directly from your company's online directory. The more you share, the fuller your profile will be.

Step 7:

Share a YouTube video. Your company's profile features the ability to embed a video from YouTube. If your company has a YouTube presence and you have a video that helps tell the story of your business, who you are, and what you offer, be sure to share it in your profile. It could be the biggest selling point in your listing.

Step 8:

Share your profile. Once you have filled out your profile, share it with co-workers and clients for maximum exposure!   Questions? Send us an email or call (860) 701-9113 for assistance with enhancing your company's profile.