Take 'Time for Me' at The Spa at Norwich Inn's New Series

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The day starts with a to do list running through my head.  Morning routine complete and out the door I go.   The day’s agenda and tight timeline shuffle sending fleeting thoughts of priorities through my head.   The mental checklist is complete or so I think so.
Finally at my desk, my calendar appears with colored striations grapping my attention with names, times and deadlines.   As I take a breath, I realize the calendar is full for the day but I have forgotten one thing.  A time slot that includes some time for me does not exist.    
When we make the list of life’s daily priorities, taking care of ourselves seems to fall as the last item on the “to do list”. It might be as easy as sitting for 30 minutes and enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, getting a good workout in, or perhaps time spent meditating. Or it is time to set aside to do nothing or enjoy the company of family or friends.
Cutting corners in the pursuit of finding balance just doesn’t work. Our bodies are smart and remind us often that they need attention.  We just choose not to listen at times. Stress and nasty toxins are buried deep within the body for days, weeks and even years.   They will wreak havoc at the most inopportune time. 
We need our bodies more than they need us.   A bit of time and attention is a must when it comes to our longevity.  In an effort to support the need to carve out a bit of time for you, The Spa at Norwich Inn has created the TIME FOR ME series. 
Twice a month we offer an opportunity to escape alone or with friends with our Time for Me series. This affordable evening away offers use of the spa, an express treatment, glass of wine and a series of speakers to inspire motivate and educate you through a variety of topics.  
This coming Wednesday, March 13th, we are so excited to host motivational speaker and comedic Michelle Gotay.   She will share a message on prioritizing in our personal and professional life through a humorous presentation. One of the best medicines in life is laughter and Michele will help us get there. I have seen Michele in action and felt so incredibly inspired and full of good feelings after her presentation. This is a must see. Find more details here.
Put yourself at the top of the list.