Why Attend a Ribbon Cutting?

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Imagine planning a party, inviting your friends and neighbors, and no one shows up. This is a worry some new business owners might have when planning a ribbon cutting, especially those who came from out of state to build their dream and invest in our community. The Chamber of Commerce of Eastern CT is here to make sure that nightmare never comes, and we need your help. Here are the best reasons to attend a ribbon cutting:

  • Congratulate Your Neighbor:  Come say “congratulations” to the new business owner in your neighborhood. Our ribbon cuttings are often for new small businesses that are just getting started. It means a lot for an established business person to stop in and share some positive energy.
  • Experience the “New:” You’ll be among the first to experience the newest attractions and additions to our community. Impress your friends when they ask “Have you been to [insert new cool place] yet?” and you say “Of course I have!” Or better yet, invite them along when you receive a ribbon cutting invitation from the Chamber.
  • Build Your Network: Business is still done face to face. Most ribbon cuttings are intimate events compared to a Business After Hours, for example – this means more time to talk to each colleague and get your name out there.  When a new business owner needs a product or service, make sure it’s you they think to call.
  • Meet Your Legislators: Elected officials love to cut ribbons with giant scissors! They make excellent scrapbookers….But what they really love is welcoming new businesses into their district. A ribbon cutting event is a great opportunity to rub elbows with your local legislators.
  • Feel Hopeful: A ribbon cutting is truly a “feel good” event. This is a celebration of a person realizing their dream, investing in our region, and hiring our friends and neighbors. It feels good to be there for this joyous occasion, the start of a journey. And it feels good to shop, when you come back to patronize their business.
  • Enjoy Free Refreshments and Other Perks: Ribbon cuttings are free to attend. Many include giveaways or product discounts. Sometimes the events feature entertainment or demonstrations. And if NOTHING else, you should attend a ribbon cutting for the free food.

To find a list of upcoming ribbon cuttings and open houses, or to host one for your business, click here.