Community Concierge Debuts Resource for Welcoming Workers to Eastern Connecticut

New video provides information and insights for workers new to the Eastern Connecticut region
Eastern CT – The Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut, in partnership with the Thames River Innovation Place (TRIP), has announced a new video resource for employers to welcome employees and visitors to our region. The five-minute video highlights the variety of resources and opportunities in Eastern Connecticut.
The video is part of the Community Concierge initiative, which aims to engage with and welcome newcomers to eastern Connecticut, as well as showcase all of the assets that the region has to offer. This resource is open for any eastern Connecticut business to use as they grow and attract skilled workers from out of state. The goal of Community Concierge is to ensure that the area is a welcoming place for the next generation of employees.
Eastern Connecticut is emerging as a hub for innovation, technology and industry. The new video highlights the many towns and communities within Eastern Connecticut, and contains transit information, local venues, and the history and culture of the region.
Tony Sheridan, President and CEO of the Chamber said, “Community Concierge is designed to help the region recruit and retain a talented workforce. We believe that this video will be a great resource to support business growth and strength in Eastern Connecticut.”
The video can be found here. For more information on Community Concierge and additional resources such as a Relocation Guide, Regional Discount Card and Local Event Calendars, visit

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