CT Testing for Vulnerable Communities: Appeal to Share Information

A message from the State of Connecticut encouraging businesses and community organizations to spread the word about testing for COVID-19. Help everyone understand that test is important, safe, free, and confidential. Follow the links at the bottom of the message to assess printable posters and other resources.

From the State of Connecticut: 
Connecticut continues to advance in its fight against COVID-19. We have taken steps to reduce the spread - by taking precautions such as staying home when possible, wearing masks, and washing our hands. Still, the pandemic is not over, and the threat of a second wave is real. As we reopen, more of us will be out - increasing the risk of virus spread. COVID-19 testing helps to identify if and where there is an outbreak, so we can stop it BEFORE it spreads. To increase testing in our most vulnerable populations, we must challenge the reluctance, fear, and stigma that exists with positivity, facts and information delivered by trusted sources. 

  • Testing is free, painless, and available for everyone - symptomatic or asymptomatic.
  • You do not need to be documented or have insurance to get tested.
  • Your info remains private and confidential.
  • Testing is the best way to ensure you are not infecting loved ones.
  • COVID-19 testing helps to identify if and where there is an outbreak, so we can stop it BEFORE it spreads to more loved ones.
  • Knowing is Better so we can protect ourselves and our loved ones.
As a trusted community organization, we look to you to help share these critical messages with those most at 
risk such as our elderly, frontline workers, and others in our communities. To assist with outreach, we created a communications "toolkit" with images, text and social media posts that includes space to add any relevant info from your organization. Please use or share this free toolkit as needed and let us know any feedback. Without your help we will not succeed in stopping the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. But together we are stronger than COVID. 

Learn more about the toolkit here: English | Espanol