Energy-Efficiency as a Bottom-Line Advantage

Did you know?
The average commercial building wastes 30 percent of the energy it consumes. Most of that energy consumption comes from lighting, followed by cooling, then computers.

From family owned businesses to entrepreneurial franchise owners and multi-site operations, addressing aging equipment and energy efficiency are common challenges often pushed aside due to lack of time and resources.
Today mid-size businesses in Connecticut now have access to the Business Energy Advantage program. This turnkey approach brings together expertise and smart solutions from Eversource. In addition to connecting with new ways to save, customers have access to financing and professionals to complete improvements and upgrades. As a direct result, many participants are achieving immediate savings for years to come.
Working Together
An Eversource-authorized professional contractor will conduct a no-cost, no-obligation energy usage evaluation of the business, inside and out. You'll then receive a customized proposal with costs, incentives, financing and details on how the energy savings will translate to dollar savings.
Your money-saving upgrades will be completed with minimum impact on daily business operations, allowing business owners to stay focused on running their business.
Interested in learning more about ways the Eversource Business Energy Advantage Program can help your business? Below are three common areas of where most businesses can save money:
LED lighting and lighting controls can deliver energy savings, provide added flexibility and create a more professional and productive environment.
Rightsizing your HVAC equipment and building automation system controls let you manage heating and cooling around your occupied schedule and create a more comfortable environment.
Equipment Controls
It’s easy to plug something in and forget about the energy being used. In fact, plug loads account for about 25 percent of the total electricity consumed within office buildings. Installing advanced power strips and controls makes it easier to power down devices like computers and copiers when they're not needed. And, in restaurants, manufacturing facilities and businesses that rely on specialized equipment like advanced ventilation systems, conveyor belts and compressed air, controls can make a big difference in your operating costs.
Let’s Get Started
At Eversource, we understand every decision and dollar invested can have a lasting impact.
Businesses in Connecticut interested in getting started and learning more about the Business Energy Advantage can call Randy Vagnini at 86-665-4753 to schedule a visit and evaluation.