Hygienic Art Launches Hygienicards Fundraiser Featuring One-of-a-Kind Artworks

Hygienic Art has always been a labor of love.
In order to sustain our program and support what we do, we do everything we can to thrive and survive in normal times. We maintain overhead costs, we install, present and produce almost everything with our artists, staff and volunteers, and we balance our ephemeral and unsellable projects with more commercially viable exhibitions and events. Whether you see it or not, year over year we continue to produce the fruits of love for the art, the artists and our community.
But now, while our physical space is closed due to COVID-19, we and the art community we have supported face a completely unexpected and unprecedented financial challenge.
Our programs hinge on the public experience, from intimate and participatory performances to
site-specific installations, concerts and community programs. Many of the main programs of our organization are simply impossible during social distancing. We have also had to place our exhibition program on hold, a carefully planned and balanced schedule that is crucial to our survival.
In response, with the help of our generous local artists, we have launched a project called, Hygienicards, a curated deck of cards featuring one-of-a-kind artworks, which will help us pay our expenses and provide artists a creative project to continue producing work. 10% of all pre sales will go to the Jim Stidfole Memorial Fund in support of visual and literary programs presented throughout the year.
Our 2020 gallery program had intended to include exhibitions of Bil Potvin, Ron Bence, Suzy Sholly, Rachel Brask, Rebekah Church, Elizabeth Burton, Susan Hurley, and Tian Hui, among others, and while we do plan to reschedule these shows for 2021, your support is necessary for us to pursue opportunities to exhibit works this summer, and for the remainder of the year--whether it be virtual or with open doors.
If you have ever attended one of our art exhibitions, joined us for the annual Hygienic Art Festival and Salon des Independants, or attended one of our many performances and community festivals in the Hygienic Art Park, please consider pre-ordering a $25 deck of Hygienicards. These are unique playing card size artworks and will be a fun way to collect work from many of your friends and favorite local artists. Every dollar helps during this time and brings us closer to continue to grow future exhibitions and performance space for our artists and bring our community closer than ever before.
Hygienic Art is also accepting tax deductible donations of support to continue and sustain our non-profit mission to support the artist community in Southeastern Connecticut and create economic revitalization through the arts in New London.
These are unique playing card size artworks! They are a fun way to collect a curated collection of tiny works of art from your friends and favorite local artists! They come shrink-wrapped and packaged in a collectible tin box. There are 54 unique cards designed by artists + 2 bonus cards! Hold these cards and remember your friends from Hygienic Art – with Solitaire, Poker & Snap!