Liberty Bank ATMs Will Soon be Equipped to Read Your Chip-Enabled Debit Card

During the period of 10/13 through 10/21, all Liberty Bank ATMs will be upgraded to read and process debit cards with chip technology.

We hope you are already using your new Liberty Bank chip-enabled debit card that we mailed you a few months ago. If you have not activated your chip-enabled debit card yet, please do so immediately as the old magnetic stripe debit cards will be deactivated soon.

How to use your chip-enabled debit card at a Liberty Bank ATM: Insert your chip-enabled debit card into the card reader as you do today but, please be aware that to complete your transaction, your chip card must remain in the reader. Screen messages will remind you of this important change and a tone will alert you when it is time to remove your card.

If you have questions about our new ATM functionality, or if you have questions about activating your chip-enabled debit card please contact us at 888-570-0773.