‘Make It Here:’ Connecticut’s Brand Refresh

Connecticut has a new brand identity, with officials rolling out a new look Oct. 17 to replace the “Still Revolutionary” campaign launched in 2012.

The “Make It Here” identity features a new logo—a circular C with an embedded T—and a slogan designed to promote “economic growth and instill greater pride in state residents.”

“By shining a light on the state’s underlying identity, we’re telling a more authentic story about Connecticut today, and better showing where we’re headed tomorrow,” said Anthony Anthony, the state’s chief marketing officer.

The logo and marketing assets were developed by Glastonbury-based marketing agency Cronin and leveraged research from a survey of Connecticut residents.

That survey found that almost half of surveyed residents thought the “Still Revolutionary” brand was irrelevant.

Changing Perceptions
While the survey returned positive scores for Connecticut as a place to live (73%), work (59%), and play (78%), only 21% of residents said they would recommend the state to others.

Department of Economic and Community Development commissioner Alexandra Daum said the new campaign “is going to hit those perceptions head on.”

“We’re here to bring people and businesses to the state,” she said at the Bristol launch event. “It’s really hard to do that when you have an uphill battle against some negative perception.”

Gov. Ned Lamont said “there is no better place to live and work in the U.S. than in Connecticut, and it’s about time that everyone knows it.”

“Maybe they think our economy is, you know, not state-of-the-art, a little bit staid, which is so wrong,” he said.

“That’s what this message is all about. We are and always have been the most innovative entrepreneurial economy in the world.”

‘Endless Opportunities’
CBIA president and CEO Chris DiPentima praised the new brand identity.

“It’s fun, fresh, and celebrates our great quality of life and long legacy of innovation and ingenuity,” he said.

“And it emphasizes the endless opportunities to make it in Connecticut—from helicopters, submarines, and jet engines to pizza, national championships, and careers.”

The Make It Here campaign will initially target residents through traditional and digital advertising.
Anthony, who discussed the pending brand switch with a panel of business leaders at CBIA’s Sept. 14 The Connecticut Economy conference, said the first marketing campaign will launch Nov. 1.

The campaign will initially target residents with traditional and digital media advertising and out-of-home placements at Bradley International Airport and on Metro-North trains.

Anthony added that the campaign’s focus will switch to other states next fall.