Governor Lamont Unveils New Connecticut Branding and Marketing Campaign ''Make It Here'' Focuses on State Identity as Creators, Makers, Innovators, Entrepreneurs State of Connecticut brand logo

Governor Ned Lamont today unveiled new branding and announced the launch of a new marketing campaign for the State of Connecticut, including a new logo and website with the theme, “Make It Here.” The campaign’s objective is to foster continued economic growth and instill greater pride in state residents.
State of Connecticut brand logo
“There is no better place to live and work in the U.S. than in Connecticut, and it’s about time that everyone knows it too,” Governor Lamont said. “We make the most complex machines in the world – submarines, helicopters, and jet engines. We’re home to Fortune 500 companies and game changing start-ups. The quality of life here is unmatched with our public education, health care systems, and public safety consistently ranked among the best in the nation. We have more than 2,000 miles of hiking and bike paths, award winning theatre and musicals that often end up on Broadway, and the best pizza in the country. I’m incredibly proud of our state and how our new campaign shows the world what Connecticut has to offer.”

The new brand replaces the “Still Revolutionary” branding and tagline, which the state largely retired from use in 2019. The “Make It Here” themed marketing campaign showcases the wide variety of things made in Connecticut – from submarines and scientific breakthroughs to homes and families. All digital advertising will drive viewers to the campaign’s website,

The campaign was, in part, spurred by recent research that found only 50% of residents are proud of the state and only 21% would recommend the state to others despite high marks as a place to live (73%), work (59%), and play (78%).

“We’ve witnessed a transformation across Connecticut in the last decade and emerged stronger than ever from the pandemic,” Alexandra Daum, commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development said. “But if we want to continue to grow the number of businesses, workers, and residents in Connecticut, we need to accurately portray our story and we need those already here to be our loudest and proudest advocates. This campaign will work in concert with other economic development initiatives to accelerate growth by showing the real Connecticut and changing perceptions of who we are and what we’re about.”

“The ‘Make It Here’ campaign was designed to help Connecticut stand taller than our regional peers and inspire greater pride among our residents,” Anthony Anthony, Connecticut’s chief marketing officer, said. “By shining a light on the state’s underlying identity that has always been present, we’re telling a more authentic story about Connecticut today, and better showing where we’re headed tomorrow. We believe this is a truly empowering campaign that demonstrates that in Connecticut, you can make your home and career whatever you want it to be.”

The most unique part of the new Connecticut logo mark is the public’s ability to adapt the CT mark by including their own meaningful imagery or designs inside of it. The objective of this logo flexibility is to demonstrate the state’s maker identity and give people the opportunity to engage with the campaign and make it their own. Instructions on how anyone can include their own imagery within the CT logo can be found on page 27 of the brand guidelines.

The campaign was developed by Cronin, an independent, full-service advertising agency based in Glastonbury. Cronin has called Connecticut home for 75 years and has a successful 30-year track record of supporting various initiatives for the state. Cronin was responsible for the new logo design and thematic, as well as the creation and production of all campaign assets.

The campaign launches today, and advertising begins November 1. There will be traditional and digital media advertising, streaming, out-of-home, and placements at Bradley International Airport and on Metro-North trains. The campaign also includes social media, experiential, public contests, and grant opportunities.

Governor Lamont’s administration has spearheaded numerous initiatives to make the state attractive to both businesses and residents alike. Chief among these are:

More than $840 million in permanent tax cuts since 2019;
Business assistance programs including fixed, low-interest loans and guidance to small businesses through the Connecticut Small Business Boost Fund;
Investments in workforce development programs of more than $100 million to reskill current workers and train a new generation of workforce talent in industries like IT, cybersecurity, and advanced manufacturing;
More than $1 billion in capital investments to improve community vibrancy through multiple coordinated programs that would attract businesses, cultural attractions, and residents;
Annual minimum wage increases tied to federal economic indicators;
Statewide prescription drug discount program to help make healthcare more affordable for all residents;
Expanded laws to protect women’s reproductive rights;
Expanded laws to strengthen gun violence prevention; and, most recently,
The creation of the Connecticut Wind Collaborative to accelerate the state’s offshore wind industry.
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