Surge in defense, offshore energy contracts leads ThayerMahan to promote Hine, Russ

ThayerMahan, a world leader in providing autonomous maritime surveillance solutions for the defense and offshore wind energy sectors, has announced the promotion of two leaders in recognition of the company’s growth and need for specialization within its two overarching missions of government and commercial contracts.

Richard Hine, a co-founder of ThayerMahan and formerly Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Vice President of the Offshore Energy Group with primary responsibility for all commercial activities, is now President of Offshore Energy. Hine is responsible for delivering safe, innovative, reliable, and efficient offshore energy and commercial solutions.
John Russ, formerly Vice President of Operations and Engineering with primary responsibility for design and construction of all systems and services for government customers, is now President of Ocean Technologies. Russ is responsible for the design and construction of systems and the delivery of safe, innovative, reliable, and efficient defense and government solutions.
“We have experienced continuous growth from our founding as the need for long-duration, autonomous undersea vehicles and the data they can produce has grown in both the government and commercial markets,” said ThayerMahan Chairman and CEO Mike Connor. “Our many patented systems are increasingly sought across both sectors, but each of these customers has unique needs that require specialized service and that’s what these promotions are about.”
While similarities in technology for government and commercial applications allow ThayerMahan staff to support equipment and technology in both sectors, it is the volume of growth and service that necessitates separate but supportive divisions of the company.
In the offshore energy sector, ThayerMahan’s commercial product portfolio includes Noise Mitigation & Monitoring, Marine Mammal Monitoring, UXO Classification and Removal, General Survey, and Cable Preparation.  Clients range from offshore wind energy developers and maritime construction companies to non-governmental organizations seeking to address illegal fishing that threatens food supplies across the globe.
In the defense sector, ThayerMahan’s government product portfolio provides global monitoring, data analysis, and information-as-a-service in near-real-time.  Clients range from the U.S. Department of Defense and allied defense agencies around the world to government research agencies seeking to advance science and technology.
In addition to its headquarters in Groton, ThayerMahan has offices in Lexington and New Bedford, Mass., Norfolk, Va., and will open an office in Washington, DC in September.
As COO and CFO during ThayerMahan’s formative years, Hine initiated capital formation and implemented business systems.  As VP of the Offshore Energy Group, he designed and developed ThayerMahan’s offshore energy and commercial product portfolio.
As VP of Operations and Engineering at ThayerMahan, Russ led the planning and safe execution of marine operations, including concept development, system testing, offshore operations, analysis, and tailored reporting.  He directed ThayerMahan’s engineering, systems integration, and R&D programs, developing and delivering the TransparenSea full-stack data platform and data collection systems such as Outpost, SeaPicket, and SeaWatch.
About ThayerMahan 
ThayerMahan, Inc. is a maritime technology company dedicated to providing its government and commercial clients with turn-key autonomous marine solutions, including deployment, operations, data gathering and analysis services, using state-of-the-art acoustic and electronic sensors integrated on a variety of host platforms tailored to specific mission criteria. The company is headquartered in Groton, CT with additional locations in Lexington and New Bedford, MA, and Norfolk, VA. For more information, please visit or contact directly at