“Breakthrough” – A Journey of Hope: A multi-day experience starts on May 21, 2023

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” aptly describes the newest public art coming to downtown Norwich this month. Entitled “Breakthrough” by muralist and internationally trained art educator, Faith Satterfield, the large and colorful work reflects the journey from the darkness of domestic violence and a worldwide pandemic to the hope and light of recovery, healing, and the joy of life. The last piece in the “White Light” series, “Breakthrough” takes the viewer from the darkness and despair into the light and hope after a storm.

"Breakthrough" is a very personal story of the artist’s journey, but the timing of its creation following the official pronouncement of the end of the pandemic carries a message for all of us.

Faith detailed the nature of the project with this story: ““Breakthrough” is an accumulation of passion for color in a world that seems so black and white. Where black and white meet, dark storm clouds provide rain. All we need is one ray of sunshine – one beam of light to hit those tears and we are blinded by the glory of the rainbow. The science of light and the humanity of the heart meet as we ingest a visual journey of hope.”

Located on the southern side of the Sunlight Building on Franklin Street in downtown Norwich, this multi-day experience starts on May 21, 2023. Spectators and art enthusiasts can watch Faith create the 2-story art piece day by day, weather permitting.

For more information or to contact Faith, inquiries can be directed to muralsbyfaith@yahoo.com or 860-373-4293.