Outdoor Art Exhibition and Evening Film Series Opens at UConn, Avery Point

The Alexey von Schlippe Gallery at UConn, Avery Point announces its summer show: Open Air: An Exhibition of Sculpture and Installation Art (July 15—September 30, 2020)

The Alexey von Schlippe Gallery at UConn, Avery Point is proud to announce its summer art exhibition: Open Air: An Exhibition of Sculpture and Installation Art. The exhibition was developed as a response to this unusual time of limited public activity. Open Air has two components: Open Air by Day, which offers an exhibition of outdoor sculpture and installation art on the grounds of UConn Avery Point, and Open Air by Night, which is a series of outdoor art film and video art projections onto the facades of the historic Branford House and Avery Point Lighthouse. All exhibitions and events are free and open to the public.

Information about the artworks in the show, as well as a calendar of special events, is available at openair2020.art.uconn.edu. Updates are also available on the von Schlippe Gallery’s Instagram account @avsgalleryuconn.

“Although our indoor Gallery space is closed to the public due to COVID-19, we are delighted to invite visitors and community members to our campus to enjoy thoughtprovoking artworks by day and outdoor projections of international art films by night. Our beautiful campus grounds have become increasingly important as a community space over the past few months, and the works in Open Air invite all of us to embrace new vistas, both as individuals and as a community.” –von Schlippe Gallery director, Charlotte Gray

Please contact our new Gallery director, Dr. Charlotte Gray, for additional comments and information about Open Air.

Alexey von Schlippe Gallery
University of Connecticut, Avery Point
Branford House, 1084 Shennecossett Road
Groton, Connecticut
(805) 708-7150
Director’s email: charlotte.gray@uconn.edu
Exhibition website: openair2020.art.uconn.edu
Gallery website: sfa.uconn.edu/vonschlippegallery Instagram: @avsgalleryuconn

About the Alexey von Schlippe Gallery
The Alexey von Schlippe Gallery is UCONN’s shoreline art gallery located in the historic Branford House at UConn, Avery Point. For information about our year-round arts programming, please follow us on Instagram @avsgalleryuconn and visit http:// sfa.uconn.edu/alexey-von-schlippe-gallery.