STE(A)M: Arts and Design in Science Exhibit Opens at Innovation Commons June 12

Groton, CT – The Innovation Commons is pleased to announce the opening of its first art exhibit. STE[A]M: Arts & Design in Science. The exhibit features 25 works of art by 15 artists and will be on display at the incubator and co-working space for six months, until January 2019. The Commons, which is open Monday through Friday from 9 am - 5 pm is located at 93 Shennecossett Road in Groton, CT.
The call to artists, which was announced in April, sought two-dimensional artwork from ‘scientists who are artists and from artists who love science’. The artwork on exhibit features a variety of disciplines and subject matter. “We were thrilled with the response to our first-ever call to artists,” said Kim Kelly, Director of Operations for BioCT Innovation Commons. “The quality and variety of the artwork submitted was really impressive.”
The Innovation Commons is Southeast Connecticut’s newest incubator dedicated to talent retention, job creation and the build of high value sustainable businesses. The Commons provides commercial-grade laboratories, offices, co-working and meeting spaces for proof of concept experiments, start-ups and growing companies. Our infrastructure and amenities are designed to help new and growing companies succeed. The Commons is a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship to build out a diverse understory of new companies critical to Connecticut’s future.
BioCT is the bioscience industry voice for the state of Connecticut.  BioCT is dedicated to growing the vibrant bioscience ecosystem in Connecticut by supporting innovation, collaboration, networking, education, talent engagement and advocacy.  We bring together companies, institutions, entrepreneurs, investors, government, service providers, and other passionate, dedicated people, to create a thriving community to improve patients’ lives and public health. BioCT opened the Innovation Commons in 2016.

  • Art exhibit runs June 12, 2018 through January 12, 2019
  • Display hours are Monday through Friday from 9am - 5pm
  • The Innovation Commons, 93 Shennecossett Rd, Groton
  • Information: 
Michael Astrachan — Unnamed (Prints on canvas)
Laura Barr — “Ocean Elegy 3, 8 and 9” (Oil Pastel on Archival Paper)
Marsha Borden — “Trashy Coral Reef” (Recycled Materials)
Wendy Davis — Untitled (Monotype Collagraph)
Katherine Henderson — “Cyto-Illusions” series. (Digital Abstractions)
Joan Blade Johnson
  • “Ferns in the Meadow” (Fiber Art - Heliographic botanical print on hand painted cotton)
  • “Unseen by the Naked Eye” (Fiber Art - Cotton fabric, hand marbled with textile paint; enhanced with thread and stitch) 
Anupinder Kaur — “Blue Jay” (Acrylic on Canvas)
C.V. Kumar Research Lab, UCONN — “Ruby Stars” (Hand-Colored Scanning Electron Microscopy Image)
Alyssa Lau — “Cliffs of Moher” (Acrylic on Canvas) 
John Liebler
  • Polymerase RNA (CGI Illustrations on metal prints)
  • Apoptosome
  • CRISPR cas9
  • Kinesin Protein Green 
Maria Morabito — “Growth Series: Inclusion” (Oil on Canvas)
Barbara Murdoch — “Is anybody…out there?” (Photograph)
Deepti Pradhan — “Dendrites of the Serengeti” (Acrylic on Canvas)
Ali Maderson Quinlog — “Cinnamon Fern” (Cyanotype on Cotton Sateen) 
Mark Smith
  • “Illuminati (Wasp)” (Photomicrographs printed on metal)
  • “Star Light Masquerade” 
Additionally, a balloon sculpture by April Brunelle will be on display for the life of the balloons.