UCFS Healthcare Receives Grant from the state’s Non Profit Grant Program for a New Electronic Health Records System

UCFS Healthcare is thrilled to announce the award of a grant for $834,350 from the state’s Nonprofit Grant Program to implement a new agency-wide Electronic Records System.

“Connecticut’s nonprofit organizations serve every resident of Connecticut and play a substantial role in maintaining our safety net,” Governor Malloy said. “Partnering with them is a smart fiscal investment to ensure that they can continue to provide services while doing so in an efficient, cost-effective way. By supporting capital purchases that enhance the delivery, efficiency, and effectiveness of the services they provide, these nonprofit organizations can focus their attention on what they do best – getting services to those who need them most.”

Jennifer Granger, President/CEO said, “The new system will assist UCFS Healthcare in making significant advances to our delivery of high quality healthcare through better integration of provider and patient communication, improved clinical efficiencies and an enhanced patient portal that are integral pieces to improving patient outcomes.”

UCFS Healthcare is a community health organization that provides quality medical, dental, behavioral health, and eldercare services to over 19,000 patients each year. Care is provided regardless of insurance coverage or a person’s ability to pay. Unlike hospital emergency rooms or walk-in clinics, UCFS Healthcare offers a health care home where clients receive affordable, high quality, medical, dental and behavioral health services from specialized staff at convenient locations across eastern Connecticut.