Valley Railroad Companies Announces Acquisition of Lady Katharine Cruises

Essex, CT – Kevin Dodd, President of The Valley Railroad Company, announced the acquisition of Lady Katharine Cruises by Valley Railroad’s subsidiary, Connecticut River Events, LLC. This transaction represents an opportunity to continue serving locals and worldwide visitors the Connecticut River Valley’s historic landmarks and natural beauty from heritage steam, diesel locomotives and water vessels.
“We are very excited to have the Lady Katharine Cruises organization join us. We look forward to continuing the fine tradition that they have established on the ship Mystique,” noted Dodd. “On any given day, offerings such as the Essex Clipper Dinner Train or brunch cruises on Mystique extends our service area from Hartford to Saybrook Point. We’re happy to share the entire Connecticut River Valley to our patrons.”
The Valley Railroad Company operates Essex Steam Train & Riverboat (ESTR), a heritage railroad that runs May through October, and during select seasonal and holiday events. Since 1971, ESTR’s mission is to keep alive Connecticut’s rich mechanical, industrial, and transportation heritage through the ongoing use of vintage steam and diesel locomotives, passenger coaches, as well as the facilities and infrastructure needed to support these.
The Valley Railroad Company operating out of Essex Station, and Lady Katharine Cruises’ Mystique, with various docking points along the Connecticut River, together expand options to experience the River Valley. From public or private cruise events, to the Essex Steam Train & Riverboat traditions of fun, food, hospitality and history, great memories and adventures await the entire family.
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About Lady Katharine Cruises
Lady Katharine Cruises was founded on a long-standing tradition of appreciation and respect for the Connecticut River Valley and its rich history. In 2004, Mystique became the flagship of Lady Katharine Cruises. Since then, the cruise ship has hosted hundreds of events, from weddings to public cruises. Lady Katharine Cruises is unique in its’ mission to provide the public with an opportunity to access the Connecticut River and enjoy the historic landmarks, birdlife and picturesque sites along the riverbanks. Learn more at
About Essex Steam Train & Riverboat
Owned and operated by the Valley Railroad Company, the Essex Steam Train & Riverboat is a unique historic attraction in the Connecticut River Valley. The railroad has transported people in Connecticut since 1868, and the Valley Railroad Company has operated today's well-known train and riverboat for over 40 years. The Essex Steam Train and Riverboat takes people on exciting excursions through the unspoiled Connecticut River Valley, a place designated as "one of the last great places on earth" by the Nature Conservancy. The steam locomotive pulls vintage coaches through the quintessential New England towns of Deep River and Chester, and the Becky Thatcher riverboat takes visitors past the undeveloped Selden Neck State Park on its way to East Haddam. The Essex Steam Train & Riverboat offers various eco-excursions and family themed events throughout the year. For more information, visit
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