2020 Census: Groton Complete Count Committee AnswersFAQs

It’s ESSENTIAL that you fill out the CENSUS for your household!!

It’s EASY:  You can do it by mail, you can do it online, or you can do it by telephone!

It’s FAST:  Takes less than 10 minutes!

It’s IMPORTANT:  A complete count determines the amount of federal money we get back from paying our taxes in the form of services, support, programs, and business development. A complete count also determines our level of political representation and the size and shape of our legislative districts.

It’s SECURE:  Your information is securely protected and cannot be shared; this is the law.
It’s especially TIMELY:  Disaster relief associated with COVID 19 is tied to the census count. 

  • FAQ:  We need to be counted to receive money due to us from the federal government.  For each person not counted, our town loses $2900 per year for ten years of federal funding—that’s a loss of nearly $30K in federal support for EACH person not counted. 
  • FAQ:  In the ten years since the last census, CT lost $200K due to the state for every $1 million dollars it received in federal support.  That was federal tax money CT residents paid to the federal government but did NOT get back due to a significant undercount in the 2010 census. 
  • FAQ:  People posted and living on the Naval Base need to fill in the Census as residents of the Base, not of their home of record. 
  • FAQ:  College students and others staying at their families’ homes for COVID 19 sheltering need to register as residents in the place where they would be living normally on April 1, 2020, had COVID 19 not caused disruption.
  • FAQ:  An accurate count is more important now that ever!  The cost of disaster relief, hospital funding, Medicare and Medicaid, the school meals programs that are helping to feed hungry children during this crisis, are all supported by an accurate census count. 
  • FAQ:  So far, only 53% of Connecticut residents have responded.  It’s essential for the wellbeing of us all that the other 47% reply! 
  • FAQ:  The sooner you reply by mail, online, or by telephone, the less likely it is a census worker will come knocking on your door.  
It’s vital for you to respond today!  If you’ve lost your letter from the Census Bureau and do not have the Census Identity Number assigned to your address, please call toll free 1-844-330-2020 or send an email to my2020census.gov.

Groton Complete Count Committee