Eastern Regional Tourism District Launches Regional Marketing Partnership Program

New program to provide matching funds to support tourism opportunities and venues in eastern Connecticut

The Eastern Regional Tourism District (ERTD) today announced the 2020 Regional Marketing Partnership Program, a program that will provide funding to support eastern Connecticut’s tourism economy. Eastern Connecticut businesses non-profits and municipalities are encouraged to develop marketing plans, which could then be funded by the program if approved. Plans should focus on marketing eastern Connecticut’s tourism economy and encourage the safe enjoyment of Connecticut’s tourism opportunities.

“Our committee is pleased to support funding for the many different tourism marketing initiatives from the Quiet Corner to Mystic and from Old Lyme to the Rhode Island state line,” said Chris Regan, chairman of the ERTD Marketing Committee. “Our objective is to market the best of our diverse tourism products and drive visitation to all 41 towns in eastern Connecticut. Our tourism industry needs help, now more than ever.”

$180,000 has been allocated to fund the program by the Connecticut Office of Tourism, with a cap of $25,000 being awarded to any single project. Upon approval, projects will receive a 2 to 1 match on the first $5,000, followed by a 1 to 1 match for the remaining $15,000, up to the cap of $25,000. Eligibility for funding includes:
  • Marketing program applicants must be located within the 41-town Eastern Regional Tourism District.
  • Programs must represent a region, theme, or other clusters of businesses or towns.
  • Programs should support the existing tourism brand identity of “Mystic Country”.
  • Funding must be cash and be verified.
  • Marketing plans must be compatible with ERTD and the Connecticut Office of Tourism initiatives and objectives.
  • Programs and messaging must be approved by the ERTD Marketing Committee.
  • Partners will be required to submit regular expenditure and work reports to the ERTD within 60 days of the agreement.
  • Any program selected under this grant process must be completed by the end of the fiscal year on June 30, 2021.
  • Upon completion of this program, awardees must submit a final report to the ERTD documenting the use of grant funds.

The ERTD Marketing Committee will select program participants on a rolling basis through October 31, 2020 and will have the option to extend the program through the holiday season. To submit a plan for consideration, the plan must be in PDF format and submitted to Courtney Assad at the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut at cassad@chamberect.com. Plans should include a full project description, timeline, measurable goals and proposed budget. Applicants will be eligible for one program grant per year.

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About Connecticut Eastern Regional Tourism District
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