March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month

The Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling, in partnership with the Connecticut Lottery Corporation, Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mohegan Sun, Sportech, and Wondr Nation is pleased to announce that March has been officially recognized by Governor Lamont as Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM).

 “Problem Gambling Awareness Month gives us the opportunity to shine a much-needed light on the resources that are available for those individuals and families impacted by gambling related harm” said Diana Goode, Executive Director, CCPG. “Our 24/7 Problem Gambling Helpline, that connects those in need with treatment and resources, or our website that shares tips and strategies to have a safer experience for those who choose to gamble, are always available to help Connecticut’s citizens.”
This year’s theme, “Every Story Matters,” is a reminder that every narrative, battle, and triumph related to problem gambling is significant. Groups across Connecticut will come together to hold conferences, air Public Service Announcements, provide counselor trainings, host health screening days, run social media campaigns and engage in other activities to increase public awareness of problem gambling and the availability of prevention, treatment, and recovery services.
“Mohegan has had a long and collaborative relationship with the CCPG and we always appreciate the dedication they have in supporting responsible gambling here in Connecticut, and Problem Gambling Awareness Month is one of those many efforts we applaud them for,” -said Ray Pineault, CEO of Mohegan. “Mohegan has a long history in supporting and seeking to improve on these efforts and with that, we’re proud to say that through the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) research project we funded at Yale, a new mobile app is in development that will provide the skills, techniques and other treatment resources for folks struggling with gambling issues. More information on this app will soon come available through”
PGAM is designed to coincide each year with March Madness, during which Americans are expected to wager over $3 billion. For many adults, gambling can be a fun and entertaining experience, but there are risks involved. Sports bettors are at particularly high-risk for developing a gambling problem according to the recent National Survey on Gambling Attitudes and Gambling Experiences.
"Every story matters, and at Foxwoods, we believe in sharing the narrative of responsible gaming. Our commitment to problem gambling awareness underscores our dedication to the well-being of our guests,” said Jason Guyot, President and CEO of Foxwoods Resort Casino. “By raising awareness and providing support through our work with the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling, we strive to ensure that every guest that walks through our doors can enjoy our offerings in a safe and responsible manner. Together, we can make a difference in promoting responsible gaming practices and fostering a supportive community for all."
Problem gambling is defined as all gambling behavior patterns that compromise, disrupt or damage personal, family, or vocational pursuits. Approximately 1% of US adults are estimated to meet the criteria for severe gambling problems each year. While 2-3% would be considered to have mild or moderate gambling problems. Currently Connecticut has 3,565,000 citizens. That means that over 100,000 citizens and over 275,000 family members are potentially impacted by gambling related harm every day.
“Responsible Gambling is a core value of the CT Lottery, and we continue to remind the public about making healthy choices when it comes to gambling as well as raise awareness about resources for help, so a player in need can be directly connected to professional support,” said Greg Smith, President and CEO of the CT Lottery. “However, none of these resources matter unless you use them when you need them. Don’t be too proud or wait too long to ask for assistance.”
Luckily, CT has resources available for people adversely affected by gambling and their families. 
“Responsible Gambling is a serious matter,” said Ted Taylor, President of Sportech Venues. “Gaming has expanded considerably and we continue to ensure our company and employees align with the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling and are pleased to actively promote the ‘Responsible Play The CT Way’ mantra to our customers throughout our operations.”
If you or someone you know is looking for resources and support for problems relating to gambling, call, or chat with our 24/7 confidential Problem Gambling Helpline at 1(888) 789-7777 or visit For more information, visit:
"At WONDR NATION responsible gaming is integral part of our mission," said Anika Howard, President & CEO of WONDR NATION. "During Problem Gambling Awareness Month we have more opportunities to highlight and spread awareness of the Better Choice Treatment Programs and the invaluable services they provide to CT residents at little or no cost. We stand alongside the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling, supporting individuals and families, and are committed to collaborative efforts that promote responsible and informed gambling practices for the well-being of our community." 

About the CCPG:
The Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling (CCPG) does not advocate for or against gambling but is committed to working with all stakeholders to help individuals and families impacted by gambling related harm.
CCPG provides Connecticut’s only 24-hour Problem Gambling Helpline, offering support via phone, live online chat, and text. CCPG also implements prevention and education programs serving students, veterans, and other at-risk populations.
For more information, please contact Paul Tarbox at (203) 503-1273
Paul Tarbox, Director of Public Policy and Communications
(203) 503-1273

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