St. Vincent De Paul Place May Fundraising Raffle: A winner will be chosen at 2pm each day in May 2024 for a prize!

The pandemic-era SNAP benefits (food stamps) that have helped so many vulnerable families cope with the challenges of COVID-19 have been cut, on average, $90 per month. For seniors and the underemployed, these cuts are even more drastic, resulting in a new groundswell of food insecurity.  Soaring rents and higher food and energy costs are overwhelming for many people in our community. At St. Vincent de Paul Place, we are bracing for a 10% increase in requests for food, hygiene, and other services. 

By participating in this raffle with a ticket purchase, you’ll directly make a difference in the lives of countless people that are experiencing these difficult financial times.  Your generosity supports our mission and our community partnerships.  Thank you for your compassionate

Tickets Are $20 Each | 31 Chances To Win 31 Prizes!
A winner will be chosen at 2pm each day in May 2024 for a prize! 

All entrants are eligible for each daily drawing. 
The ticket holder does not need to be present to win. 
Gift cards may not be redeemed for alcoholic beverages. 

Raffle sponsored by St. Vincent de Paul Place | 120 Cliff St. Norwich, CT 860-889-7374