Shell Recycling Program for CT Restaurants

Empty clam & oyster shells are vital elements of a healthy habitat for marine life, and it is believed by many environmental advocates that they should be returned to the oceans through responsible recycling, not thrown away with everyday trash. CT Sea Grant is a university-based, environmental advocacy program focused on aquaculture education and research, missioned on creating and sharing resources for marine development & sustainability. The Connecticut Restaurant Association is working with CT Sea Grant and the Connecticut Department of Agriculture (CT DoAG), along with professionals from the CT shellfish industry, to better understand how shells can be diverted from the food waste stream.

Fairfield Shellfish Commission collects empty shells from participating CT restaurants.   Photo courtesy of John Short | Fairfield Shellfish Commission.
Does Your Restaurant Sell Shellfish?
The Connecticut Restaurant Association is asking members who work with shellfish to please complete this short survey pertaining to your opportunity & interest in shell recycling to benefit our environment & the preservation of Long Island Sound's ecosystem.