The SECT Women's Network is MOVING!

  The SECT Women's Network is moving our monthly luncheons to Langley's Restaurant at Great Neck Country Club, 28 Lamphere Road, Waterford. Be sure to attend Wednesday, March 20, 2024 at 11:30 am for our Monthly Luncheon at our new location, $25 registered by midnight Sunday, $30 for walk-ins, includes gratuity and tax. *     
    Join us for a great networking opportunity, to grow your business. Meet new friends and contacts, as well as catch up with long time friends. Spring forward to advance your goals. Icebreakers and games will add to the fun!
     * Walk-ins to the luncheon will be charged $30 (for all). Attendees may still register online, by midnight Sunday. and pay $25 (for all) either online or at the door.