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Students at Pine Point School actively engage in developing a strong academic and ethical core, a lifelong curiosity about their world, and a commitment to reaching solutions creatively, collaboratively, and compassionately.

Pine Point is a dynamic collaboration of our exceptional faculty and staff, students, parents, alumni and the greater community. From the earliest stages of learning, we cultivate meaningful social and emotional growth, and provide a rich, rigorous, and personalized college-preparatory environment. Arts, athletics, service learning, and technology are integral components of our developmentally appropriate curriculum. Both on campus and beyond our walls, we foster, model, and utilize relationships to nurture the whole child while developing their core values and ethical citizenship. By providing a safe and supportive environment, we inspire confidence and develop self-esteem. We encourage our students to welcome challenges, learn from their mistakes, and apply what they learn to improve their world.

Our core values are: respect, integrity, moral courage and excellence.


We cultivate strong minds and caring hearts.
Fifth graders present their books at the annual Literary Breakfast
The fourth grade shows a little school spirit.
The middle school presents MULAN.
The second grade's yearly trip to the Knox Preserve to study birds.
The 6th grade performs their own choreography for "World in Balance," an expression of peace.
Girls lacrosse team
A student poses with the classroom's recently-hatched chicks.
Science is exciting at Pine Point School
Physical Education class uses a parachute
Fourth grade participates in a beach clean-up and tide pool field study each
Grandparents day is an event that everyone looks forward to.