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Canna Care Docs is committed to the medicinal value cannabis brings to a patient’s holistic healthcare treatment, while providing safe and compliant access to medical marijuana programs. At Canna Care Docs, our patients will spend time with a caring, non-judgmental medical professional who will discuss their qualifying conditions and determine how cannabis relates to their needs as a patient. Education is a priority for Canna Care Docs; understanding the best treatment options, state laws, and regulations is crucial for a patient’s success with cannabis medicine. We provide community outreach at senior centers, pain clinics, veteran shelters, and many other venues around the country. Canna Care Docs plays an integral role in bringing cannabis into mainstream medicine. Our company is dedicated to the idea that cannabis should be offered on the front lines of treatment, rather than as a last resort. Each patient should reserve the right to choose their own method of healing. We currently have 27 offices and have seen over 80,000 patients find relief of their symptoms through cannabis therapy. As our company grows, we strive to bring quality cannabis education and medical evaluations to every corner of the U.S.