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About Us

Fearless Flyers Academy is a Flying Trapeze and Aerial Gymnastic School dedicated to bringing the joys and health benefits of Flying Trapeze & Aerial arts to our students. We teach students of all ages. We offer individual classes, sessions, masterclasses, workshops and more!
Classes are available in:
Flying Trapeze, Aerial fabrics(silks), Static Trapeze, Lyra, Juggling, Hooping, Trampoline and more!


a swing on the flying trapeze
A great catch on the flying trapeze
Our super soft net is always a great place to land.
Our Birthday parties and corporate events are the BEST!
Aerial Fabrics are a fun way to build strength
Our classes are open to all ages and experience levels
Our summer camps are amazing!
Static Trapeze is beautiful and fun
We can even travel to you!
Lyra classes are super popular!
Our trampoline classes are great for beginners and all ages!
Its a great day when you get to bounce!