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“Ohana” in the name Simply Ohana means “Family.” As a native to the Island of Oahu, my heritage and culture means everything to me. It holds special meaning in my adult years because I was adopted at the age of 10 and uprooted from my homeland to Connecticut where I grew up and established an Ohana of my own. Having been gone for 20+ years, although I’ve been back a few times, I do everything I can to cultivate my culture and pass on the teachings of my heritage to my children, family and friends. Ironically enough, I was taken from my biological family due to drug abuse and neglect, but then saved by the grace of God because a military family at the time selflessly took in and adopted not only me but my five siblings as well. My parents who adopted us loved us, cared for us and provided meaning to the word “Ohana.” Although my experience may differ from that of my siblings, I speak for myself when I say “Ohana means family and family means, no one gets left behind!” Simply Ohana was founded and gave me a platform to share with the world, the same spirit of Aloha that my parents and older brother bestowed upon me. At Simply Ohana, we aim to go above and beyond to provide security, loyalty and love to those who allow us to be apart of their Ohana. Having five children of my own, I’ve had 15 years plus experience not only in my personal life but my professional life serving, organizing, executing and making people feel secure because of how much love and energy I put into them. I am proud to announce and welcome you to Simply Ohana where luxury awaits!


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